A downloadable game for Windows

Hello all,

This project is a quick game that I made in GameMaker:Studio. It's one of the first REAL games I have published and is completely free. This project is the generic space shooter. So, yeah.. Definitely expect more games from me. It may not be the BEST game you've ever played, but hope you get some satisfaction from it.

And even if this is drowned in the vast sea of great games that is itch.io,

See you soon,


Install instructions

For Windows systems only:

Run the downloaded file (it may ask for administrator permission, you can allow it).

Check off the boxes (i.e. create Desktop Shortcut) that correspond to your needs.

Locate the installed file and run it!

Boom! DONE!


8bit.exe 4 MB


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nice game try replacing the assets and add bullet and destroy animations if you can