Click on a spawn point and click a button to spawn a ship (if you have enough money).

Click on the ship to upgrade it (again, if you have enough money).

Don't let the meteors hit the Earth!

Comment with your score!


Hey There!

It's me again! Ohohoho, I'm back! But anyways here's a simple tower defense game. It's another HTML build just because I've become somewhat fond of Unity's WebGL. Anyways, give it a try, and I hope you like it!

Hyped for 2020,



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Score 320: No way to reset from lose screen?
Would like to see an upgrade ui element to know how much it will cost to upgrade.
More visuals to show earth is in danger would be nice.
A bit more time to for turrets to defend.

Lovely little tower def game, very nicely polished and packaged. Keep up the good work!