- WASD to move

- Run into things to attack them

- Food is your HP

- Find the exit sign to advance to the next level

- Fullscreen button is in the bottom right corner

Just a modified version of the 2d Roguelike Tutorial on the Unity website. This version contains some new enemies, random room generation, and some other stuff I'm too lazy to list. But anyway, this is my first HTML build, so you know... Yay....

Hope you enjoy,


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Published162 days ago
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Turn-based


2D (41 MB)


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Thanks man, you're a legend. I've sent you an email.

Hi RickyDiculous, I love what you did with the game compared to the tutorial. I am new to using generic functions and was wondering if you could assist me on making the player attack the enemies as well? Thank you

Congrats, herculesking! You gave me my first comment! Thanks! Anyways, I have posted the Unity Project file (called "2D") on the game page. Take a look at the Player (Player.cs) script in the file. That is where you will find the code (with comments) for the player attacking enemies. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email at (just make sure to say that you're from, or else I may mistake it for spam!).